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Mitigation Planning, Mitigation Banking, Available Credits Accounting, Condition Monitoring, Easement Acquisition, Hydrology and Vegetation Monitoring & Much More..

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A comprehensive platform ready to configure. Allows water boards, researches, and public to access wetland, hydrology and vegetation information, to customize workflows to meet local water boards, EPAs, and state laws. Perform Mitigation Planning, Permitting, Credit Account Management, & Fee payment Tracking. GIS-Rich Monitoring modules to capture replacement site, impact site, reference site, assessment areas and related conservation site information.

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Why Choose WetMon

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Why wetmon

Secure cloud-hosted, easy web-access

  • Hosted on AZURE Government Cloud and ORACLE Exadata infrastructures on high-available & secure SLAs

  • No upfront cost commitments & highly Customizable Modules

  • Dedicated Test and Production configurations 

  • Free Migration tools to import your legacy data, business rules, and database applications into this cloud-native platform

  • Guaranteed Cost Saving and digital transformation for better innovation, insights, agility, and remote culture


Comprehensive wetland banking functionalities


High performance web application built on cutting edge technologies, compatible on all leading web browsers and devices. Provides  Credit Transfer and Transaction Analysis functionalities. Supports Standard banking, Agricultural banking, the Local Government Road Wetland Replacement Programs (LGRWRP), and the In-Lieu Fee programs (ILF).  Offers Account profile Management & Listing. Provides  Establishment & Long-term compliance monitoring capabilities. It has a comprehensive Mitigation Tracking & Bank Plans Review capabilities

Geospatial features to plot site location, wetland delineation, assessment areas for vegetation and hydrology. Seamless Integration with your Enterprise Geodatabases. Upload interfaces to capture vegetation and hydrology data from spreadsheet templates


Rich GIS & data upload capabilities


WetMon - Modules


Readily configurable modules to meet your water board, Local EPA, and state laws...

More Details

Reporting and Integration Capabilities


Allows to generate reports to show the status of ongoing reviews by phase, location; shows all plans approved between a range of dates by location; shows the status of mitigation plan reviews by bank sponsor or agent


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Account Management

Account Profile 

Management & Listing

The account management includes up-keep of account holder and account representatives contact information, notes about the account, annual fee payment status, and general status of the account and number of credits available and deposited.

Tracks multiple types of credits and multiple categories of the same credit type - state approved, federally approved, or both state and federally approved




& Long-Term Compliance

Serves as an information storage and reporting tool for  establishment, long-term, and condition to evaluate the long-term success of mitigation program from an ecological perspective by assessing physical attributes (vegetation and hydrology) of sites over time. Relevant vegetation and hydrology data hosted from a public portal & available for viewing and or downloading by the public. 



Credit Transfer

& Transaction Analysis

keeps track of the credit transactions, known as the ledger. Manages transactions (deposits, withdrawals, and transfers) for moving credits throughout the system. Notifies completed transaction for all transactions that are processed. Allows users to edit the transaction type, status, credit amounts, credit types, and date received and completed. Tracks fees associated with credit transaction.



Review Process Tracking & Bank Plans

Tracks multi-phased review of mitigation plans for wetland mitigation projects that offset impacts to wetlands with the initial phases optional and the final phase required. Captures information about mitigation plans and each phase of the review process. For approved plans, the module will also have a summary of the wetland types and credits and information about the easement acquisition process.


How long it takes to configure this product?

4  to 24 weeks depending on the different modules you are implementing, GIS integration needs, and data migration needs

What is your support model and SLA?

8/5 Technical support lines for issues and analysis of faults affecting systems over the phone and remote access. 24/7 Customer support portal will allow you to log support requests. 99.999% operational SLA on secure government cloud infrastructure!

How can I reach a representative?

You can reach us directly at or 1 (800) 318-9527

Also, you can quickly submit contact form below & we will be happy to reach out to you!


Does this product require special device requirements?

No special devices, drivers, or software package installations required. This is a web-based product and supports all major web browsers like Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera accessible from desktop, tablet and mobile devices

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For more details, submit your contact info below or call us at 1 (507) 261- 9853 

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